Culturally Responsive Practice (CRP) Cultural Responsiveness (Course 1)

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Culturally Responsive Practice (CRP) Cultural Responsiveness (Course 1)


This course will introduce educators to the role that student, family, and community cultures play in the education process. Educators will reflect on their own culture and the culture of their students, and will consider ways to incorporate culture into their classroom.

Course Overview

Participants in this course will be able to: • Define what it means to be a culturally responsive educator (also referred to as “culturally competent teacher” in the videos) • Explain the components of cultural responsiveness: educator knows and understands themselves; educator knows and understands each student; educator knows and understands essential aspects of the community that surrounds the school • Discover how educators use knowledge of self, knowledge of students, and knowledge of community as a bridge to help each student learn and achieve at high levels • Discover how culturally responsive practices supports excellent teaching and leading practices